Conserving water may help in restoring services | News | –

While city of Kerrville employees are working to restore water service to many areas, citizens living outside of city limits, including those living in higher elevations, may continue without water service or extremely low pressure. The city asks all citizens with water service to practice extreme water conservation in an effort to restore pumping capabilities in the area to help fellow residents in the restoration of at least minimal water service for drinking water purposes.

While efforts are being made to get water services restored, the city has posted information on conserving water in the home and how to help out any neighbors who don’t have it.

If you are still dripping water, capture that water for other uses around your homes, such as flushing toilets. The city requests limiting faucet dripping to just one faucet, prioritizing a faucet that may have a water service line on an exterior and/or north-facing wall.