Nottingham Hotpoint or Indesit washing machines check urged due to ‘potential risk’ – Nottinghamshire Live

A washing machine manufacturer has issued an important reminder to Nottingham customers to check if their appliances have been recalled.

Whirlpool is reminding customers in Nottingham to check if their washing machine is affected by a product recall announced in December 2019.

Towards the end of 2019, Whirlpool identified a potential risk concerning certain models of Hotpoint and Indesit branded washing machines manufactured between 2014 and 2018.

In April 2020 it added a further 54,000 units, and contacted the registered owners of these machines. 

So far, more than four million people have contacted Whirlpool with more than 95% already given reassurance and peace of mind that their machine is not affected.

Of the 209,000 customers who have registered an affected model so far, more than 93% have already been fully resolved with the vast majority receiving a brand-new machine.

As a result, the recall has comfortably surpassed the average percentage of previous recalls conducted across other industries.

However, the percentage of customers responding to the recall in Nottingham has been slightly less than the national average.

Whirlpool therefore appeals to those customers in Nottingham by asking all those  with a Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine  to check their machine, even if they have done so previously. This will help ensure Whirlpool can assist as many affected customers as possible.