How to choose the best tumble dryer for your home and lifestyle – Irish Examiner

We have to some extent tamed the kW-crunching monster that once was the elder vented tumble dryer. When you’re ready to make the change, weigh up the capital outlay on a new machine against the considerable difference in running costs and load finessing features now on offer. 

Take a fingertip wander through real user reviews online of budget models from Candy, Grundig and Beko before warming to any machine in the sales. After size and mechanics, prices will vary depending on the mode — free-standing, integrated or semi-integrated.


Vented dryers are generally the most economical buy, and work fast, under the simple mechanics of driving wet warm air out of the dryer into the outdoors via a telescopic hose and sealed box fitting. 

The vent can go straight through the wall or via a window unit. Linked directly back to the drum, properly fitted, they should not cause a draught.

Don’t attempt to drill out the vent grille position unless you’re truly competent. The shorter and straighter the hose the better as kinks can cause the machine to overheat. Plastic hoses are easily punctured.

Vented dryers dry a load faster than most condensers and all heat pump machines. The biggest con of vented machines — is placement near an outside wall. Otherwise, they are relatively straightforward to use, and drying out completely on each run they don’t harbour smells