These Major Appliances Got the Worst Reviews in 2020 – Money Talks News

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Large appliances can cost big money, so avoiding a lemon is a top priority for most shoppers.

Some products are especially dodgy, according to reviewers at Consumer Reports. The publication recently rolled out what it calls its “not-so-hot” list of appliances that truly failed to make the grade with CR experts.

The products that made the (dis)honor roll all earned the lowest Overall Score in their respective categories. That means their primary functions earned ratings no better than “Fair” or “Poor.”

CR stresses that none of the products made it onto the list for safety reasons, and none was so bad that CR labeled it with a “Do Not Buy” recommendation.

Still, you might want to think twice before buying these products.

Refrigerator: Viking Professional 7 Series VBI7360WRSS

This pricey product is listed for north of $10,000, but CR says there is sometimes a mismatch between the fridge’s internal temperature and its thermostat setting.

In addition, consumers who buy Viking refrigerators see them break down within just a few years more often than purchasers of other brands, CR says.

Range: Fisher & Paykel OR30SCG4X1

This range — which retails for nearly $4,000 — has burners that struggle to maintain low-heat settings when you are trying to simmer