Interview with Joanna Power and Paramveer Bhachu, Winners of University Innovation Competition: Red Bull Basement 2020 – TechRound

We met whilst studying Product Design Engineering at Brunel University in 2017, and found out that we both come from the same area! We then came up with the idea for the Aqua X in March 2020. The Lava Aqua X is a portable, electric washing machine that is not only environmentally-friendly by reusing water to wash clothes, but is also a cost, space and time-effective solution for students.

We worked out that if every student in London (around 249,000) used the Aqua X for washing laundry, we would save 1.7 billion litres of water, the equivalent of 700 Olympic-sized swimming pools. We knew that providing a solution for water waste is also a cheaper alternative to the existing options was something that we couldn’t ignore.

The Aqua X has a removable water tank that can be placed as a mat in the shower, storing up to 8 litres of water which is then filtered once reattached to the main unit. The filtered water is then used to wash up to 2.5kg of clothes in 12 minutes, due to the efficient spherical drum.

Lava Aqua X: a genius water-saving washing machine

How did you come up with the idea for the Aqua X?

At the beginning of lockdown, we saw a brief on a website about how students can reduce the amount of water they can waste. With our combined experience in product and graphic design, we thought we could do better. Although we know