Top Loaders vs. Front Loaders: Which Washing Machine Is More Eco-Friendly? – Green Matters

For most people, the differences between a top loader and front loader washing machine come down to aesthetics and and practicality. After all, both of them perform the same function: they wash your clothes. Choosing one is usually as simple as determining the space and design of your home. But even ignoring all the different styles or new-fangled gizmos on any given model, there are actually some very serious pros and cons to consider when choosing a washer. 

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Those who are environmentally-conscious will likely look for washers that are more efficient, use less water, and use less electricity. Many appliances on the market today are advertised as “energy-efficient” but what does that term really mean? And, more importantly, which type of washer is actually better for the environment, top loaders or front loaders?

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What should I consider before purchasing a washer?

Making a sensible choice will involve a number of factors. You’ll need a washer of the proper size for a start, one that can fit in your laundry room or closet without issue. Those with laundry closets will likely want to choose front loader washers as they can be stacked up and