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Sometimes excuses can be quite amazing or downright insulting if you are on the wrong end of them, although some are quite creative while others tend to wander into the realms of high comedy.

I was listening recently to somebody who was discussing the merits of getting somebody to sort or repair their whatever it was that needed attention but due to the coronavirus situation, the contractor could not enter their home ‘just in case’ but what the ‘just in case’ might be was not mentioned.

In the last few months the times I have heard the virus being used or stipulated as the reason for not being able to do something or another with the occasional punch line being slung in for good measure being: ‘Well, you never know do you?’ is perhaps into double figures.

John Ward (42825085)
John Ward (42825085)

The virus covers ‘all events until further notice’ excuses and now possibly overshadows those time honoured and cherished ones such as: ‘I can’t get to see you until at least Thursday, but that’s next week’s one as Ron is off sick this week’ or ‘We are waiting for the part/s to come in or we think they may well be discontinued’ etc. with this one a odds on favourite.

Perhaps the best one I have heard so far is or was: ‘We have just had the parts come in but do you still want us