Adding resale value to your equipment – Successful Farming

On every farm, there will be a time when you either sell a piece of equipment or buy a preowned machine. Though price certainly comes into play during the purchase of a late-model preowned machine, the more dominant concern is the quality and the hope of reliable service. 

Think of resale from day one

The day it rolls off the trailer and touches the soil of your farm is the day you need to begin thinking about resale value, regardless of whether that happens three or 30 years in the future.

The first step is to invest less than $1 in a notebook dedicated to that machine. Your first entry in the notebook should be the delivery date and time, tach hours, the name of the dealer or other seller you got it from, and its cost. This may seem trite, but this establishes the foundation of the machine’s history. And the notebook establishes pride in ownership, which is an intangible that pays huge dividends when selling the equipment in the future. 

Subsequently, keep records in the book for each service or repair, the date, hour reading, what task was performed, and the brand of parts or lubricants used.

Wash it twice a year

Make a schedule to wash the entire machine twice a year, and give it a good wax job while you’re at it. Many believe washing is only for aesthetic appeal. Yet there is a mechanical side to cleanliness: When dust and dirt are left in place for long periods of