11 Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Dry Cleaners Know – Reader’s Digest

Identify unknown stains

It’s a lot easier to tackle a stain when you know exactly what it is, but mystery stains happen. Luckily, there are a few ways to get a better idea of what’s besmirching your clothes. Bryan Stoddard, founder of Homewares Insider, offers some suggestions. “Stains caused by food or drink usually appear on the front of the clothing, and mud and other similar stains such as dirt and dust [are more likely to be] on the lower half of your clothes,” he told Reader’s Digest. Not foolproof, of course, but a good place to start. And if the stain is on your floor or rug, consider which room it’s in; that can help you narrow it down. “It will likely be a food stain in the living room, while in the bathroom you might stain your towels by using nail polish remover, for example,” he says. Check out these homemade carpet cleaners you probably already have in your home.