Olympic Gold Medallist Max Whitlock Launches A Samsung Perfume. Yes Really! – Women Love Tech

Pour Homme, Pour Femme, Pour Laundry? Not your typical slogan for a newly launched perfume…but this is no ordinary fragrance. Olympic gold medallist, Max Whitlock, teamed up with Samsung to advertise its ‘Freshly Laundered’ perfume specially made for the release of its latest ecobubble washing machine.

This perfume is different because it doesn’t smell like a night out on the town, or a drink on the rooftop of a skyscraper in an illuminated pool, or anything sexy like that. Instead, it smells like fresh laundry out of the washing machine.

Max Whitlock for Freshly Laundered
Max Whitlock – the Olympian who is now the face of a Samsung Perfume which smells like fresh laundry

And unlike the perfume ads that we’re used to, Whitlock opts for a wittier look at the expense of the traditional. Think Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Dior, etc, but with a little less serious and a little more horse pommel moves and Poseidon posing atop washing machines.

Here’s a few of his homages to some of the most well-known ads:

Brad Pitt for Chanel N5, perfume