Top Load Versus Front Load Washing Machines: Is One Better Than the Other? – Yahoo Lifestyle

Surprisingly, they have less in common than you’d think.

The differences between front loading and top loading washing machines are vast, from their fill capacity to the type of detergents that pair best with each. Here, we spoke with two laundry experts to find out what makes these washers so different, even though they both do the same job. Ahead, their insight, including tips on how to choose the best option for your laundry needs.

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Less Obvious Differences

While there are obvious differences between these two models (the doors are in two separate spots, after all), there are structural fluctuations that are a little more subtle, says Laura Johnson, a consumer analyst in research and development at LG Electronics. “Front load washers use gravitational force to make clothes knock against one another, scrubbing themselves clean with the detergent; top load washing machines use an agitator or impeller to move clothes around for cleaning,” she explains.

Best Is Relative

Though there are pros and cons for both options, deciding which is best comes down to your family’s needs. “It’s easier