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Laundry is a straight-forward chore.  You put clothes into the machine, add detergent, wash, rinse and dry. While much attention is given to the machine in getting your clothes clean, you may want to evaluate the detergent and make the switch to laundry soap.  In the simplest terms, soap is natural. Detergent is synthetic. Detergent is basically a mixture of cleaning agents, many that are derived from petroleum or other oils. It’s why your clothes may feel dirtier than when they went into the machine. Laundry soap, on the other hand, as fewer ingredients, is less oily and it thoroughly rinses out from your clothes better than detergent. Transitioning to laundry soap from normal detergent can be a bit of an investment. Laundry soap flakes cost $15-$20 on average for one pound. But you’ll use a lot less product and your clothes will stay in better shape since you’re not coating them in oils every time you wash it. Plus, since it’s not as harsh, you can use laundry soap on more delicate materials like cashmere and silk. And yes, many can be used in high efficiency washing machines (HE).

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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