The Best Portable Washing Machines for Tiny Apartments, College Dorms & Even Camping Trips – PureWow

3. Costway Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

Best Affordable Option

This under $100 model is smaller than most of the other machines on this list (it can fit up to 5.5 pounds to wash and 1.1 pounds for the spin dry cycle), but for those with very limited space it’s still an effective and handy little washer. And what it lacks in capacity it more than makes up for in speed—wash cycles can run as quickly as 10 minutes. The draining tube comes already attached, meaning you’d need to invest in a separate hose for filling the basin if you want to go that route, but its compact size and the fact that it weighs just under 14 pounds when empty makes it just as easy to lift it up to fill in a sink or tub. Quite a few reviews mentioned how handy the Costway machine was for washing scrubs and other uniforms that they had to wear on a daily basis, as well as COVID-19 essential workers who wanted to wash their clothing right away without wasting water, electricity and time as you would waste going to the laundromat every evening. Per one review, “I completely recommend this awesome, inexpensive little workhorse of a washing machine if you need to wash [light items like] socks, undies, t shirts, workout clothes… etc., and you’re cool with hanging your stuff to dry,” but larger items, like jeans, towels and comforters may still require a full-size machine.