Did Donald Trump really call a Globe reporter to pitch laundry detergent? Of course he did – The Boston Globe

I don’t remember that call. Not even a little. And that’s saying something. Because as an entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe, I’ve talked to all sorts of celebrities, from Madonna to Yo-Yo Ma, and in one way or another they all made an impression on me.


Not Donald Trump. When I read the Times story this morning, my first thought was: FAKE NEWS! No way did I ever talk to Trump, and certainly not about laundry detergent. I’d remember that. No, it turns out, I wouldn’t.

A search of the Globe archives reveals that Donald Trump, who was then riding high as host of “The Apprentice,” did, in fact, call to chat about laundry detergent. And even though he’s the one who called me, he had the nerve to put me on hold!

Here is what I wrote then about a call I received 15 years ago from the guy who now occupies the White House:

First published in the Boston Globe on July 21, 2005

Please hold. That’s the word from Donald Trump’s secretary, who says America’s best-known billionaire will be just a minute. But wait, you called me. The Donald’s people phoned a few weeks ago, asking if at some point I’d like 10 minutes of his time to