DedCool’s Milk Dedtergent Combines Cult-Favorite Fragrance & Laundry Detergent – The Zoe Report

To tell the truth, it’s kind of hard to describe the scent of DedCool’s Milk. Intriguingly billed as a layering fragrance, the notes aren’t overly complicated — it has a bergamot top note, white musk middle, and amber to round out the bottom. Still, it’s a perfume that’s more than the sum of its parts. Sexy, youthful, and somehow nostalgic, Milk evokes the memory of the first perfume that made you feel drop-dead cool; the scent you dabbed on your wrists before a first date, years ago. And now, thanks to DedCool’s new Milk Dedtergent, you can wash your clothes in the cult-favorite fragrance.

The newest release in DedCool’s Dedtergent line, the $32 laundry detergent launched on Sept. 18 via the fragrance and lifestyle brand’s website. Expect the same focus on clean, environmentally friendly packaging and formulation: The Milk Dedtergent is completely biodegradable, can be used in a machine or for hand-washing, and arrives at your doorstep packaged in recyclable and sustainable aluminum.

However, it’s still a formidable laundry detergent. DedCool notes on its website that the full-size Milk Dedtergent offers 60 washes per bottle, and that it’s formulated to work with clothes, bedding, intimates, “and life.” A travel-sized Milk Dedtergent is available, as well, offering up to 4 washes at $12.