ALFORD: Nothing smells worse than a skunk-sprayed hound dog – The Sentinel-Echo

When his hound dog got sprayed by a skunk, Bubba headed to Walmart to get the strongest laundry detergent he could find.

“You shouldn’t use this on your dog,” the sales clerk said. “It’s too strong. It could kill him.”

Bubba wasn’t going to be stopped. He bought the detergent, and headed home.

A week later, the sales clerk saw Bubba in town and asked him if his dog was smelling better.

“No,” Bubba said. “He died.”

“Well,” the sales clerk said, “I warned you that that detergent might kill him.”

“It wasn’t the detergent that killed him,” Bubba said. “It was the spin cycle that did him in.”

Well, anyone should know that putting a dog in a washing machine could lead to a bad outcome. In fact, there are lots of things we do that that can lead to bad outcomes. Yet, so often we do them