Samsung Electronics Launches ‘Grande AI’ Washing Machine for Single-person Households – BusinessKorea

A model introduces Samsung Electronics’ ‘Grande AI’ 10 kg washing machine and 9 kg dryer.

Samsung Electronics launched on Sept. 16 a compact new Grande AI washing machine and dryer that can be installed even in a small space.

Samsung Grande AI is a premium product featuring artificial intelligence that offers optimal washing and drying functions tailored to users’ washing habits and environment. The new product is a combination of a 10 kg washing machine and a 9 kg dryer, and has an advanced and simple control panel and compact design while maintaining Grande AI’s differentiated AI functions.

Samsung Electronics introduced the compact Grande AI model in consideration of a growing number of single-person households and the needs of consumers who want compact premium products that can be installed in a small space.

The launch of a 10 kg model is the first time since 2014. Compared to existing Grande AI products, this new product is about 22 cm smaller when the washing machine and dryer are installed vertically, and 17 cm narrower in width when they are installed horizontally.

This new product performs functions applied to large-capacity products such as AI-Controlled Course which automatically sets a drying course according to a course selected by a user, and AI Habit Memory which remembers courses and options frequently used by the user and shows a priority.

Also, the washing machine and dryer can be