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When it comes to laundry detergents some of us have our tried and true favorites… others go for the big box deals. Still others are lured by scents or labels that promise stain-fighting magic.

Consumer Reporters has the latest tests revealing top-performing detergents, whether you’ve got stains, sensitive skin or just want the best deal.

Judon Blake Foster enjoys doing the laundry for his family. But between a toddler, a newborn and his wife Eunice, a grad student, laundry life can get overwhelming.

“It feels like it’s never ending and I feel like, where did all these clothes come from?” Foster said.

Consumer Reports just tested dozens of laundry detergents to find which ones clean the best.

“We use fabric swatches soaked with tough stains like blood, dirt, grass, coffee and then we use each detergent to see how well that detergent gets the stain out,” said Haniya Rae of Consumer Reports.

The lighter the stain after washing, the better the detergent scores on cleaning performance.

Testers also check how well each detergent acts as a pre-treater for

stains. That way you only need to buy one laundry product.

“In our tests the detergents that earn Eecellent ratings will tackle pretty normal stains like body oil and dirt,” Rae said. “They’re also gonna tackle things that are a bit tougher like grass and blood.”

The top scoring detergents in Consumer Report’s ratings are liquids — Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release at 28 cents a load or Persil Pro Clean Fighter for 21 cents per load.

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