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Face masks have become our go-to protective gear for 2020. Now makers are taking the concept a step further with antimicrobial face coverings designed to guard against bacteria that can build up when you touch your mask, cough or come in contact with airborne germs. Here’s a roundup of some of the options available. (Editor’s note: Health experts recommend washing your face mask after every use to prevent odors and germ build-up.)

Copper-Infused Face Mask from The Futon Shop

Copper-Infused Organic Cotton Barrier Face Mask

Copper-Infused Organic Cotton Barrier Face Mask

Studies suggest that copper helps to kill disease-causing pathogens, and this reusable mask from Natural Home by The Futon Shop features a knitted fabric layer with 17% copper woven into the threads. According to the company’s research, the mask is up to 88% effective at filtering out airborne particles including viruses. The inside is made of soft, flexible, woven organic cotton. It’s also moisture-wicking, anti-odor and can be washed without losing its efficacy. Machine washable. The company has donated a portion of its masks to San Francisco Bay Area homeless shelters, Native American communities and health care workers.

$20.69 (reg. $22.99)

Buck Mason M1 All-Day Anti-Microbial Face Mask

Triple-layer cotton jersey mask with an anti-microbial coating

Buck Mason