The Xbox Series S is an affordable next-gen meme machine – NME

Despite the fact that it looks like I should be shouting my McDonalds order into it, the Xbox Series S seems like quite the enticing deal. Microsoft officially announced the console yesterday (September 8), and the machine is touting next-generation performance for £249.99 (US$299) when it launches later this year.

That’s less money than a Nintendo Switch and for a console that, according to its reveal trailer, can run games at 1440p/120 FPS, with 4K upscaling. Wowzers! The console also features an interesting design with a giant circular grate on the front of the device, which makes it look a bit like a washing machine or a giant walkie talkie.

Jokes have already been made about how it resembles the Xbox Adaptive Controller without the Teraflops. Personally, I think it looks like an edgy Fall Guy… Yet beyond the peculiar aesthetic, there’s a solid value proposition here.

To graft a few more selling points from the trailer, the console appears to feature ray-tracing and “ultra-low latency”. It also comes packaged with a speedy 512 GB NvME SSD that will enable “seamless game switching”, but whether that storage device will be enough to hold more than a few Game Pass games remains to be seen. Good luck,