Product News: Miele offers savings across lab washer range – SelectScience

07 Sep 2020

Miele has launched its largest ever offer scheme for its laboratory glasswasher range. Time For Change is designed to help laboratories make the switch from handwashing to automated reprocessing, to replace an old machine or upgrade to a larger model. Customers can save up to £250 on their purchases until the end of 2020.

Miele’s national account manager for medical and decontamination, Nadine Bellamy-Thomas, said the deal would benefit a wide cross-section of businesses and institutions.

“Our Time For Change campaign means there has never been a better opportunity for laboratories to invest in, or upgrade, professional reprocessing equipment,” she said.

“Many labs still wash by hand, which risks damaging glassware and produces inconsistent results that often leave residue, potentially contaminating research.  Labs with older glasswashers may find them unreliable and older models will use more water, power and detergent than new products, that also have the benefit of modern accessories designed to protect items and provide the best possible clean.”

All Miele products are guaranteed to have spare parts produced for 15 years after they are discontinued, for ultimate peace of mind