11 Brands That Make the Most Reliable Appliances, According to Consumer Reports – Reader’s Digest

It’s important to do your research when looking for reliable appliances. Thankfully, Consumer Reports has come to the rescue with their second annual Appliance Brand Reliability Rankings, which shows “how reliable one brand is relative to another across multiple appliances.” The results from the Consumer Reports survey are from members who bought laundry and kitchen appliances between 2009 and 2019. The number of appliances purchased totals more than 592,000.

In order to calculate predicted reliability, Consumer Reports asked members about certain appliance products, specifically if appliances broke multiple times or didn’t perform as expected.  Consumer Reports then compiled the information from members and estimated “how a given brand’s new models will hold up over the first five years of use.” On the flip side, make sure you avoid the 15 worst products Consumer Reports has ever tested.

However, what should be noted is that there were a few measures kept in place to keep reliability and fairness in check. “For each brand, the Average Predicted Reliability Score has been adjusted to account for differences among types of appliances. A brand that earns relatively high marks for its French-door refrigerators, for example, will get a bump in its score because French-door models are less reliable than other refrigerator types,” Consumer Reports explains. “Without this statistical adjustment, a brand that makes only top-freezer refrigerators—the most reliable type—would have an unfair advantage over brands that make multiple types.” Read on for a list of trustworthy brands when purchasing