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Washer Manual Logo

Washer Manual Logo

A new website that will allow you to quickly find the owner’s manual or maintenance instructions for your washing machine and quickly fix the malfunction. A large selection of manufacturers and models will solve the problem of every user.

Automatic washing machines appeared in our life years ago. However, there are still only a few non-professionals who understand which washing machine is the best choice for a laundry, small family-operated café, big hotel or average home. Moreover, extra information is always needed when you try to understand how to use, set or repair your washer. With a huge range of brands and models of washing machines on the market, making a reasonable choice is a real challenge.

The is the first free resource that offers some great help in choosing a washer and understanding its characteristics. The site offers:
· Original instructions;
· Basic data about brands, producers and popular models;
· Short characteristics of washing appliances;
· Rare and interesting facts about washing machines;
· Useful manuals.


You can easily find lots of information about each model of a washing machine on many sites. However, there are