The Laundress’s First New Detergent in 6 Years Is Now Here & We Have *Thoughts* – Yahoo Lifestyle

TOTAL: 85/100

I’d never seen someone’s eyes light up—not even my stain-fighting-obsessed grandmother’s—over talking about laundry detergent. Until someone first told me about The Laundress, that is. “It’s divine,” she gushed. Gushed! Over detergent! I was confounded. Despite covering home content as an editor for eight years, to this day laundry remains a means to an end—a chore I never look forward to doing. So, when I heard The Laundress was launching its first new product in six years, I had to try it.

Known as No. 723, this limited-edition detergent is a highly concentrated cleaner that’s Damask rose-scented. At first glance, I had two thoughts: One, this was the first bottle I’d ever consider displaying in my laundry room, rather than tucking it away on the shelf, thanks to its understated, black-and-white design and elegant serif font. Two, the bottle was…small. Sure, it’s highly concentrated, but could 16 ounces really last 32 washes? It does—but that all depends on how you use it. If you’re handwashing clothes, you can get away with 32 “loads” of laundry. You’ll be table to tackle 16 full loads in a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine, or eight in a non-HE model. At $19 a bottle, that means you’re paying anywhere from $1.19 to $2.38 per load