‘Miracle’ detergent reduces economic and environmental cost of laundry: ’33 cents a load’ – 9Honey

Frankie Layton was 18 years old and working on super yachts during her European gap year when she was alarmed to notice the amount of rubbish being thrown into the sea.

She would be watching dolphins jump alongside the boat as people threw “bags of rubbish” into the water next to them.

“The ocean was getting used like a giant trash can, and that’s when I figured out I wanted to do something purposeful and around waste,” Layton tells 9Honey.

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Spending the next few years of her career in the advertising industry, Layton would often walk through supermarket aisles and notice many products centred around household cleaning would ironically made our environment dirtier.

“The whole cleaning aisle of the supermarket was old-school,” she explains.

“It had this mentality of ‘blast away all the germs’ with no consideration of what chemicals and water were using, so a laundry detergent light bulb went off in my head.

“I thought if I could create a refillable system, that reduced the packaging and the water, I could help the problem. Laundry was a vessel to say ‘do less harm with your packaging’.”

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