Laundress Co-founder Lindsey Boyd Talks All-Things Laundry and WFH – Coveteur

Whether we think about it or not, we all spend a lot of hours in our lifetimes on laundry. Even if you don’t do your own laundry, you probably care about what it smells like—and you’ve provided your favorite detergent to your laundromat, or you’ve spent time asking your dry-cleaner to pay special attention to certain clothing.

So when we got the chance to chat with The Laundress co-founder Lindsey Boyd about all things laundry, we brought her our trickiest clothing questions and got to work. Everyone knows The Laundress is the go-to brand for luxe, eco-friendly laundry products, but we figured she could teach us a thing or two about keeping our whites white and our cashmeres…well, not shrunken.

Sure enough, Boyd delivered—and even taught us that up to 90 percent of clothes labeled “dry-clean only” are actually machine washable under the right circumstances (gasp!), which has made us rethink everything and question if anything is real. Read on to discover Boyd’s tips on removing chocolate stains, laundering swimsuits in the washing machine, and making laundry sorting…fun.


lindsey boyd