Trying to Give Up Plastic? These Sustainable Pods Are What You Need – POPSUGAR

Tired of sticky, drippy plastic laundry jugs? Well, I was too. It’s no secret that laundry pods are a thing of the future and an easier way to go. Unfortunately, many on the market actually contain harmful chemicals, including a lot of plastic. This year, I’ve been on a personal mission to decrease plastic use in my household, and that’s why when I saw the brand Dropps, I knew it was worth a try.

The brand was actually the first to invent these amazing pods and leads the way in sustainability. Made with plant-based ingredients, they’re also cruelty-free, as the brand doesn’t test on animals. The packaging is also made with far less plastic, and the pods come in compostable cardboard packaging. The mission is one I can get behind.

I originally tried its laundry pods for sensitive skin (which I have), and they’re amazing. My clothes feel clean, but they’re also gentle and not too harsh on my clothes or my skin. They also come in a variety of scents. I even tried the brand’s wool balls and dishwasher pods, which are also impressive. Keep reading to shop them all and see which ones you should add to your household.