Ford Unveils Fourteenth Generation F-150 –


The most popular vehicle in the United States has been redesigned. At a livestreamed event Thursday evening, Ford pulled the wraps of the fourteenth generation F-150. Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks, which also encompass the larger F-250 and F-350, have been the best selling vehicles in the United States since 1982, according to manufacturer sales data. “To say it has been impactful to many people’s lives is quite an understatement,” says Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director of Insights at car-buying site Edmunds. Last year, Ford sold 896,526 F-150s. That’s over a quarter million more units than the country’s number two seller, Fiat/Chrysler’s Ram pickup. The F-Series accounted for about $42 billion in revenue for the company, according to a study Ford commissioned from the Boston Consulting Group. That makes it the second most revenue-generating product on sale, behind only Apple’s iPhone. “It is a source of so much of [Ford’s] profits,” says Caldwell. “The margins for pickup trucks are actually quite high compared to SUVs or passenger cars.” One of the big changes to the F-150 is the introduction of an optional hybrid powertrain, which is a first for a Ford pickup. The hybrid F-150 combines a turbocharged V6 with a 35-kilowatt electric motor that’s integrated into the truck’s transmission. “I think that that’s an interesting change,” says Caldwell. “There’s just so much