Hisense rolls out new laundry machines, though no smarts – Pickr

If you’re shopping for a new washer or dryer, you have a few more choices, though they may not fit neatly into a smart home.

Depending on how your old laundry equipment is going, it’s possible a new laundry machine is on the cards, and it might be bigger than before.

Much like how a new computer or new phone is going to offer improvements over the old ones, so too will whitegoods and appliances, though it can be sometimes a little difficult to understand where.

In the world of laundry and home appliances, it’s often to add features that make laundry easier and more complete, and occasionally something else you didn’t expect. Over the years, we’ve seen appliance manufacturers do all sorts of things to convince people to buy a new machine, and this time, it’s Hisense’s turn.

Hisense is expanding its laundry offerings in Australia with two variants, arriving in the PureJet washing machines and the PureStream washer and dryer range, each a little different than the other.

In the former, the PureJet is a large 10 kilogram washing machine that can automatically provide laundry detergent and fabric softener for up to 20 washes, automatically measuring and dispensing detergent dosage for what’s in the tub, with 14 programs built into the machine.

A little like how Samsung integrated an Add Door a few years ago to throw