5 Home Appliances to Replace Before Selling Your Home – Motley Fool

As you start packing everything up to move to your new home, there are some things you may want to consider leaving behind for the next owners: new appliances. No, you don’t have to replace everything, and unless your home is in the luxury market, you don’t have to go too high-end with the ones you do buy. But a brand-spanking-new appliance or two can encourage a buyer to make an offer more quickly.

What new appliances mean for potential homebuyers

New appliances can give home buyers — especially first-time buyers — some peace of mind as they get ready to fork over a whole lot of money. The likelihood of something going wrong with a new appliance is minimal, and if it does, the item in question is probably still under warranty. Old appliances, on the other hand, are simply a countdown clock to a big-budget problem. If homebuyers see a lot of old appliances in your home, they could set their sights elsewhere.

What appliances should you replace?

Unless you have extra money to burn, don’t worry about replacing every single appliance or piece of equipment in your home. And even if you do, it’s not necessary — the return on investment (ROI) just isn’t there to warrant it. Instead, focus on two rooms in the house: the kitchen and the utility room.

Here are five appliances that could result in a quicker sale for your home:

Kitchen appliances

Refrigerator: If your refrigerator is on its last legs, it could be worth