TRUE STORIES — Put through the wringer – Pittsburg Morning Sun

As I write this it’s 4:29 a.m. and I’m cycling a load of wash in our new Maytag. I’m a little agitated and have my stopwatch going.

Why? Three days ago Linda and I were in the basement squinting like safe crackers as we tried to dial up the exact notch that would drop the tumblers to run the spin cycle on our trusty (and rusty) vintage Kenmore. This, plus the fact that the tub was separated from the housing and it leaked, impelled us to purchase a new machine.

Problem is the Maytag’s digital and I’m analog. Just the buzzing, electric sounds of all the sensors going off and on as it measured and adjusted water temperature and levels and ran through its cycles, agitated me.

Had me thinking, “That’s not how a washer’s supposed to sound. Must be something wrong.” Not to mention that I soon discovered a full wash, rinse and spin cycle took about an hour, whereas my Kenmore took 30 minutes.

I went to the Internet and consulted Professor Google on my particular model and found quite a few complaints about the cycle time – as well as general confusion about what settings to use for what.

For me, confusion isn’t quite the right word. More like bewilderment. The kind brought on by too many choices (almost as bad as trying to decide on what brand and flavor of toothpaste to buy).

Washing options included – along with the simple cold, cool, warm and hot water temperature settings –