How to Pick a New Washing Machine – London Post

If you should find yourself in the market for a new washing machine, things can become quite confusing very fast. There are hundreds of different options. It can be challenging to decipher all of the marketing doublespeak and determine which features are essential in the heavily used appliance. In addition to getting a good appliance cover to protect your new washing machine; Here is a guide detailing a few of the key features you should be looking for to make this a little easier for you. It will make things a little easier when trying to shop for a new washing machine.

Top Load vs. Front Load

One of the first decisions to make when selecting the best washing machine for your home is determining is a top load of a front loader is the best choice for you. There are a few reasons why you would pick one style over the other. The first is the physical space of the unit. A top-load machine tends to narrower and a bit more compact but does not allow space-saving stacking in a laundry room. On the flip side, the front load washer usually has a higher capacity than a top load.

High-Efficiency Machines

The next thing to look for is the “Source…