8 Surprising Laundry Hacks You May Not Know About — But Should Try ASAP – The Zoe Report

Like dishwashing, dusting, mopping, and making the bed, laundry is one of those tasks people often have on autopilot. Separate your whites, colors, and weights, wash, dry, fold, repeat. However, if the quality of your clothing has been diminishing over time, or maybe your brights are losing their, er, brightness, it might be time to step up your game. Luckily, there are plenty of under-the-radar laundry hacks you can test drive right now.

In fact, switching up your cleaning routine might actually make it more enjoyable. What’s better than the sense of accomplishment that comes in seeing your clothes sparkle and shine a little brighter than usual or finally being able to take out that pesky wine stain on your jeans? Well, maybe a lot of things are better, but there’s something to be said about discovering new household hacks, right?

Ahead, some cleaning pros sound off on the laundry tricks many don’t know about, but should adopt ASAP. From washing out sweat stains to keeping your socks from going MIA, these tips will prove invaluable for your next cleaning day.

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Genius Laundry Hack: Pre-Treat Stains Immediately

“The sooner you address splotches and spills, the more successful you’ll be getting them out,” says Jennifer Ahoni, “Scientist” for detergent brand Source…