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Here's your guide to hand-washing clothes when you don't have a washing machine.

Here’s your guide to hand-washing clothes when you don’t have a washing machine.

There are Sunday scaries. There are manic Mondays. But it might be laundry day that you dread the most — when finding that missing red sock could be the difference between a miracle and a catastrophe.

Whether it’s a hamper that’ll hold more than a week’s worth of clothes or a drying rack for all your undies, you’ve probably got your own tips to make laundry day suck less. You probably know you should be separating your lights from your darks, but you might not know all the tips to hand-washing your clothes at home.

Lots of states, including California and New York, consider laundromats “essential businesses” that can stay open right now. And experts that HuffPost talked to say that it’s safe to go to a laundromat — but you should still follow the Source…