What Is Laundry Stripping? How to Strip Towels Cleaning Method – HouseBeautiful.com

cropped hands of person washing laundry in bucket

Phornphan Pradittiemphon / EyeEmGetty Images

There’s no shortage of oddly satisfying videos on social media, from soap cutting to slime squishing to Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson doing ASMR. (Okay, that last one might just be really satisfying to me as a fangirl, but you should check out Behr’s ASMR video.) While TikTok is perhaps best known for its dance and lip-sync challenges, users have recently been sharing their home projects during the coronavirus lockdown. And the latest viral trend to make the rounds is towel stripping, a subset of laundry stripping. This cleaning method is not only super satisfying—albeit in a little bit of a gross, Dr. Pimple Popper kind of way—but also turns out to be incredibly practical.

In the videos, users fill their bathtubs with hot water, throw in some cleaning solutions, then soak towels in the mixture for a few hours. As you can see in the videos, the process pulls out all the gunk and buildup in your towels, yielding rather murky brown or gray water in your tub. (That’s it. That’s the TikTok.) After you strip your towels, the videos claim they will be cleaner than ever before.

So, is towel stripping the real deal? In