Insider Tips for Buying a Washing Machine – Yahoo News

shop for a washing machine in stores or online, it can be hard to tell one model from another.

Considering the hefty prices of some washers, plus the fact that you’ll be living with your choice for years to come, you want to arm yourself with information before you shop. 

So we asked Mark Allwood, CR’s market analyst for washing machines, and a CR secret shopper to share their insider tips and shopping tactics to help you make the best choice.

We also talked with industry experts from GE, LG, and Samsung to get their insight on the factors that shoppers might not think of as they search for a washer. Check out their advice below, as well as the details on top-performing washing machines from Consumer Reports’ tests.

You can learn more about washers by using our washing machine buying guide. If you’re a CR member, check our washer ratings to see how more than 100 models perform in our laundry lab tests. And when you get your new washer home, rely