Insider Tips for Buying a Washing Machine –

“For years manufacturers were introducing innovative features that solved some consumer pain points,” he explains. “But that has slowed down, and we haven’t seen new eye-popping features in the past two years.”

Some of those features include Samsung’s ActiveWash in its HE top-loaders, which is a built-in sink with a water jet that allows you to treat stains yourself before tossing garments into the washer, and LG’s TwinWash, which allows you to wash two loads at a time. 

Models are typically sold for three to five years, and as the years pass, prices drop. But older models are likely to have the same features as newer models, and meet the same federal standards for water and energy efficiency. You just may have to look around to find them in stores.

Retailers display newer, more expensive washers upfront or at the end of the aisles, and move older models to less prominent spots. It’s even harder to identify older models online. So going to stores—while taking proper safety precautions like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing—is your best bet.