How to Cut Your Laundry Cost in Half in an Eco-Friendly Way –

What is the heaviest item you typically purchase at the supermarket? My guess is it’s your laundry detergent, which these days comes in gigantic plastic bottles that are over 100 ounces. As you know, most of the contents are water, which you already have a ready supply of at home. It is absurd to ship something that heavy from the factory to the distributor (and then to your home, if you’re ordering online). Think of the emissions of the trucks, trains, ships or airplanes loaded up with pallets of these.

Life Without Plastic, the company we learned about here, offers an alternative that not only makes ecological sense, but is well cheaper than using store-bought detergent. Their Dilutable Laundry Bar, packaged in a recyclable paper sleeve, can be broken down and dissolved in a 64-ounce bottle you already have on hand, filled with water from your own tap. The resultant mixture will handle up to 125 loads, the company says. (And should you wish to break it down into smaller vessels, the company lists alternate portion sizes.)

Let’s do some math. At Walmart, one of the products in their “Bestseller” category is a 154-ounce bottle of Tide detergent that costs $19.94 and is good for 107 loads. That works out to 19 cents per load.