How to Save Water at Home: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Tips – Green Matters

But if you’re concerned with more than just your water bill, we’ve also compiled some more advanced tips that will help save the water you don’t see. Read on for 15 beginner, intermediate, and advanced ways to save water around the house.

Beginner Water-Saving Tips

The first tips on this list are easy, basic things that anyone can easily do around the house. 

Turn Off the Faucet During Tasks

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Use Your Dishwasher — Properly

Using the dishwasher is more sustainable than handwashing in most cases, as dishwashers generally use less water than handwashing. Just make sure to only run your dishwasher with a full load, run it on the shortest cycle setting, don’t run the pre-rinse, and if possible, use an energy-efficient dishwasher (more on that below).

Run Shorter Washing Machine Cycles

Similarly, wash clothes on the shortest cycle on your washing machine, make sure not to add an additional rinse cycle, and use cold water whenever possible. Avoid the permanent press cycle as well, as it uses both warm and cold water plus an extra rinse.

Change Up Your Shower Routine

Taking a long shower every day uses a lot more water than you think. According to Home Water Works, the average American shower lasts for 7.8 minutes and uses 15.8