Whirlpool UK lists 21 of its models for recalling them. – MySmartChoice

Last December, Whirlpool had identified its washing machines were prone to catching fire. A number of cases where the fire broke out drew criticism from around the United Kingdom. Now, as part of its depth check, the company has listed 21 of its washing machine models susceptible to catching fire that it plans to recall.

The vice president of the company apologized to the customers for the discomfort and inconvenience caused. The company marks out over a score of washing machine models that will not be there in circulation anymore. The existing washing machines of the said models that are being used by customers will be taken back by the company.

In place of the mentioned models that are currently in the running, the company is willing to replace them with newer wash machines. These new machines shall be free of cost and provided in place of the models being recalled. The company has now put an additional list of 21 Hotpoint and Indesit models to a product recall

The recall of the product had begun sometime in January. At the time, the company had stated that there was an issue with