North Jersey’s COVID-19 frontline heroes need soap, detergent, food. Here’s how you can help –


Personal protective equipment PPE is donated then coordinated by the NJ State Police

Remember shopping? 

Or maybe — if you’ve tried it recently — you’d rather forget shopping.

“It’s terrifying,” said Shawn Pandolfi of Cresskill, an emergency medical technician, who gets off from 12 hours a day of hospital work, only to face the daunting task of shopping for soap, detergent, and other desperately needed supplies in stores with reduced hours, empty shelves, and patrons who seem think the six-foot rule applies to some other epidemic on some other planet.

“I honestly feel like I’m putting myself at risk every time I go into the supermarket,” he said.

Here’s one thing shoppers might remember from the old, pre-COVID-19 days.

Remember “take a penny, leave a penny”? That little tray next to the cash register? You would take a few coins if you needed them — or leave a little change, in case the next