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So i have this really old motor from a washing machine. 15879014767583357621828431010497.jpg
So i connected the motor with the help of an example on the internet and it spined but with really low spin and zero torque. if you touch the axle it stops. I realised that because it isn’t a universal motor it needs a capacitor in order to work properly 15879019751042890877484736016589.jpg
I conect the capacitor i think in the correct order because in any other order i hear small explosions ( i really need help). So the motor runs faster but with no torque again. The washing machine worked before i took it apart (they told me). So it has 5 wires. Two connected to the coils and two connected to the brushes (but it doesn’t have brushes) and the last one is a smaller in diameter cable that i dint know where it goes . So if someone knows who this will work please tell me.