Smelly washing machine? Washing away coronavirus? Use this cleaning hack – Real Homes

Really need a washing machine cleaner right now but don’t want to go to the shops? There are lots of products out there that are specifically marketed as washing machine cleaners, and they do a good job… but there is a hack you can use to freshen up a smelly washing machine with little effort and no extra expense.  

So if your washing machine is a little smelly (presumably, if you have one of the best washing machines on the market, it’s safe to assume you take good care of it, and it’s not mouldy or super dirty, right) or someone in your household is suffering from Covid-19 (in which case, you have our full sympathy), here’s the hack – and you don’t even have to go to the shops for it.

Hardly any of us do the weekly hot maintenance wash that we should all be doing with an empty drum, especially those of us who mostly stick to cooler or quick washes. Why? Well, you can’t see it but you might smell it: bacteria lurks aplenty in your washing machine’s drum in particular. And while we’re all at danger of suffering from the Coronavirus, a 60ºC wash for clothes and bedding that can take the heat should have one.

So, if you’re using washing machine cleaner, what product should you use? Liquid cleaner? Tablets? Just add some vinegar? All of those methods for maintenance cleaning your washing machine are perfectly fine, with