This Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Will Tackle Your Dry Clean Only Items – Us Weekly

Don’t know what to do with your “dry clean only” clothes that need refreshing? Well, it’s not a good idea to chuck those garments into the washing machine with the rest of your dirty laundry. But since everyone’s go-to dry cleaners are closed for now, what’s the move?

These delicate pieces need special treatment — and that doesn’t just mean hand-washing them in the sink with standard detergent. For silk and other fabrics prone to damage, there’s an amazing product out there was designed to effectively wash without harm — and it just so happens to smell incredible too!

The Laundress Delicate Lady Wash
The Laundress Delicate Lady Wash Verishop

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Get The Laundress Delicate Lady Wash for just $19, available from Verishop!

This wash by The Laundress was created for the most precious, priceless clothing items in your wardrobe. It’s made from plant-based ingredients that fight stains and return your garments to their original glory. You can definitely use this detergent in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, or be extra careful and opt to hand wash. It just takes two capfuls of this product in a small bath of cool