Samsung and LG Squaring off Over AI-Powered Washers – BusinessKorea

A model introduces Samsung Electronics’ 24 kg “Grande AI” washing machine, a new washer model with the largest capacity in Korea.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are squaring off over large-capacity artificial intelligence (AI)-based washing machines.

The two leading home appliance companies have introduced a 24-kg washing machine loaded with various functions nearly at the same time.

The battle between the two reminds consumers and market watchers of the fierce duel over large-capacity refrigerators in 2012, which finally led to a legal battle. The confrontation over refrigerators ended through an agreement between the two and the focus of the home electronics market shifted to small-capacity devices. But in the washer market, the two companies are squaring off again over large-capacity products.

“There is steady demand for large washing machines as consumers want to wash laundries at a time or big blankets at home,” said an official of a home electronics company. “Consumers still prefer big washers.”

LG Electronics models show “LG Tromm ThinQ 24 kg,” a new product.

In addition, both companies explain that consumers can do laundry more conveniently with AI-powered washers. An LG Tromm model which is dubbed an “artificial direct drive (DD)” washing machine detects the weight of clothes in its laundry box, uses big data to check the material of