Secret Ingredients You Should Add to Your Laundry – Reader’s Digest


Sure, you know it makes your popcorn taste better, but who would have thought that a sprinkle could help remove blood, gravy, and grease stains? “Salt is not a laundry booster, per se, but it can be effective in removing certain stains,” explains Brandi Winch, owner of HomeMaid Home Solutions in Kalamazoo, Michigan. How the salt should be used, however, depends on the type of stain. Clothing with blood stains, for example, should be soaked in cold, salt-filled water. If you have a grease stain, on the other hand, cover it with salt, let it absorb the grease, and then brush it away before laundering. Winch adds that salt is also “commonly touted as an effective delivery vehicle for natural scents—usually essential oils—to the laundry.” In addition to clothes, check out these surprising things you never knew you could clean in the washing machine.