People miss flying so much they’re re-creating the airplane experience from home – Washington Post

Using nothing more than common household items like toilet seats, large appliances and the nearest device with a screen, people on social media are replicating the feelings of flying in style to their favorite destinations or of camping in the woods — all while practicing social distancing.

A video from TikTok user Jeroen Gortworst, which has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times, shows him seemingly descending on Sint Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport while he sips on a glass of wine with his passport.

But as the camera pulls back, the scene coming into full view, you see Gortworst, sitting in front of a makeshift tray table, on the floor of his laundry room, his washing machine covered to look like an interior cabin wall. His phone is illuminated inside of it, playing a video shot from a plane’s window passenger as it lands.

With nonessential travel restricted, the Internet’s #travelfromhome trend — with nearly 30 million TikTok views as of Tuesday afternoon — is the closest most can come to boarding a plane. And optical illusions like Gortworst’s are a staple of it.

On Instagram, a user named Sherilyn Carter shared a photo of herself seemingly gazing out of a plane window at crystal-blue water; in the next, it’s revealed that the scene is set in a