A Guide to Sustainable Living for Renters and Tenants – Eco Warrior Princess

Tenants in rental properties have little control of changing the space they live in. When it comes to sustainability however there’s lots that can be done as a renter to reduce impact on the planet and contribute positively to society.

Sure renters might not be able to install solar power or live completely off-grid but collectively, individual efforts, even if small, still add up to a big difference.

Whether you’re renting a room or an entire rental property, here are some tips to help you live a more sustainable life as a tenant:

Create a local share economy

Building local community spirit through the share economy is one way to minimise environmental impact. The share economy concept is simple; it’s an economic model of peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services. Think of things like lawnmowers, washing machines (if in an apartment block laundry), camping equipment, a barbecue, the list is endless and doesn’t have to stop with appliances.

Within my small block of six units we have a communal WhatsApp group where we can touch base if anyone needs help; is looking to borrow items or to grab something from the supermarket. Another great idea is to create a second-hand library in your building or your street and donate books, puzzles etc for others to use.

Street library in Atlanta, Georgia