Janice Carmac, Week 4: Quarantined with teens, four weeks in – Winston-Salem Journal

At first, I thought Noël, my high school freshman, was Facetiming a friend.

But as the conversation grew increasingly hostile, I climbed the stairs to her Clemson-orange bedroom.

Somehow, she had lost her schoolwork in Google Docs on her school-issued laptop.

Not happy, she was admonishing the electronic device for its many failures and perhaps shaking it a bit.

Luckily, Brooke, my high school senior, was almost finished simmering some chicken legs — the only meat I could find in a recent shopping trip — but the tangy supper was interrupted.

This was the second time Brooke had saved the day.

Earlier in the week, Noël was despairing over radical equations. Brooke found her graphing calculator, something she had hoped never to use again, and the pair headed to the dining room table to solve the problems together. As they would probably consider themselves more acquaintances than sisters, this was