Tide, MyGreenFills, Seventh Generation, Oh My! – Popdust

Detergent is detergent, right?

We thought they were all the same until our staff started doing some research on the big brands as well as the smaller companies with cult followings.

Comparing and contrasting detergents may seem mundane, so we did all the hard work for you! Based on research and reviews, we wanted to look at these top favorites to figure out which was the best: Tide, Love Home And Planet, Seventh Generation, MyGreenFills, and Biokleen.

Here are our findings:


Everyone knows the classic orange jug, and has used it as some point, but when we went to do research on the actual product, we were overwhelmed. There are so many different versions! With high-efficiency versions, greener versions, gentler versions, etc., we doubted the original was the best. Similar to the green Gain jug, there were too many options for us to give the brand a fair assessment. This is the most basic detergent.

One of our staffers is also freaked out by the blue – why is it so, so blue? The artificial dye isn’t necessary at all. We did some research and found out that companies use a blue dye to trick consumers into thinking their whites & colors are brighter….sadly they’re not.

Love, Home And Planet

This one has great reviews from users – they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and highly concentrated. You only need a little bit of formula for